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I work with CEOs and founders to craft powerful brands through the power of social media and content. Work with me today to start turning heads for the right reasons.

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Build a powerful personal brand. Get the right attention.

If your personal brand is still built on old outdated tactics like Rehashing funky billboards, ads “, Screenshots of random tweets, Re-sharing brand marketing stunts then you’re leaving a lot off the table and not gathering attention. 

Personal brands are about you. Your personality and the deep interpersonal relationship you build with it. You can’t get that with old outdated tactics. 

If your goal is to build a real community, get sales and become a powerful thought leader then you need more than that. You need a brand that turns heads. 

And that’s what I help you do. 

Hey There, I’m Shoaib Ahmed and welcome to your future brand.

I’m obsessed with building brands. You know the ones that stick with you long after you’ve encountered them.

Because building a brand that’s worth remembering is the hidden gem to growing online and developing deep personal relationships.

I believe personal brands should be personal. And authentic. Everything other than that is just not worth calling a brand.

If you’re tired of receiving little to no traction online, getting snubbed and unrecognizable, then I totally get you and I’m here for you.

Here, I help you create social strategies, create social creative content for growth and build up your LinkedIn authority.

I’ve done it for myself and countless others and I’m ready when you are.

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About Me

LinkedIn Training & Consultation.

Want to improve your LinkedIn content? Struggling to gain traction after spending countless hours on content creation and sharing?

Maybe you even get a little trickle of likes every now and then but not enough to be worth the effort you put into it?

Then this LinkedIn Training would be perfect for you.

I created this training and consultation with CEOs and founders in mind. It’s everything you need from how to optimize your account to how to build relationships on LinkedIn.

And you get direct one on one access to me. No watching impersonal videos.

I help you create a custom made strategy based on your industry and goals.

In less than 1 month, you’ll have everything you need to grow your account, build relationships and get sales on LinkedIn.

Ready to get started?

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I wrote a guide and I’m super proud of it.

Say hello to 40+ pages bubbling with valuable insights to help you build, optimise and scale your personal brand. Oh, and it’s totally FREE.

Special Guest Ellie Middleton supported me while creating this project.

I also invited expert contributions from 6 LinkedIn experts. With a whopping combined following of 160K+, these six contributors have kindly added their invaluable insights and expertise to the guide.

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Grow your Personal Brand With Content.

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