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About Mom-entum

My name is Jared Greer.

I’m an executive coach, endurance athlete, and founder of the Greer Method Complete Coaching.

But most important, I’m a husband and a dad. I’ve been married to my wife, Melanie, for 16 amazing years and we have four beautiful children.

I built this challenge for Moms who are ALREADY doing a great job.

But your Mom-Guilt over all the things you don’t get done and not living up to the impossible standards set by social media gets in the way of being present for your family.

That’s why I created The Joyful Mom Challenge.

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What you get at the end of the 30 days challenge.

What People Say About Mom-entum 30 Days Challenge.

Dozens of Moms have taken the Momentum 30 days challenge. Here are some of the results they’ve gotten from it:

Ready to become the dad they know you can be?

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