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Share the stories, tools, and strategies that make you the entrepreneur you are today on this newsletter, An Entrepreneur’s Voyage.

Awodeji Adedotun
Hey Friends, I’m Adedotun. 👋

I’m the Owner of TheDotMass Web Design Agency and a self-improvement nerd. (Also, I have an accent. )

I’m learning how to approach entrepreneurship and life by talking to people a few years above me and sharing my lessons with people in the same shoes as me around the world.

And that’s where you come in: Please be a Guest and share your story.

An Entrepreneur’s Voyage is a publication geared towards new and aspiring entrepreneurs to learn from the stories of awesome and thoughtful entrepreneurs like you to help them make the jump and hear firsthand what entrepreneurship is really like.

This isn’t a fancy publication. I’ll probably be showing up in my pajamas (I’m joking, but you get the Idea 😊.)

Don’t think of this as an interview, instead, think of it as a conversation. A chat with an old friend from school who always thought you’d be taking the conventional route (Graduate from school, Get A job, retire).

We’ll have this chat through Zoom for 15 – 20 mins. 

I’ll be sharing this publication with my modest audience of a few thousand around social media, including LinkedIn and Facebook.

I genuinely believe every entrepreneur has a unique story and more people need to hear yours.

We’ll talk about:

– How and why you started your business

– Productivity

– Strategies and tools that have helped you become the successful entrepreneur that you are.


– Should be a full-time entrepreneur.
– Must have been in business for at least a year.
– Comfortable using Zoom- (No need for an expensive webcam or Microphone. )

Find a time that work for you using the link below


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