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Become a kids book author in just 5 months

At Dinosaur House, we help thoughtful entrepreneurs create kids books that connect them with their ideal customers without boring them to death.

Some of our clients

Why become a kid's book author.

Thought Leadership | Sales | Legacy

With Dinosaur house, we help you create books that connect with kids, become a bigger thought leader, and make your sales process easier.

We don’t just write books just because it’s an awesome thing to do(although it is), we write books that increase your revenue and sales.

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How to become a kids book author in 5 easy steps.

Book a story design call.

In a 30 minutes session, we’ll ask you a few questions to get your story right. One of our writers would help you help mold and shape your story into a book.

Review your manuscript and illustration plan

After a month, we’ll send you a book manuscript with well-designed illustrations for you to review. We test our manuscript on kids in your target group to gauge interest.

Review Illustrations

After your illustrations are done, we’ll send them over to you to get final feedback and tweaks to make them more aligned with you. Request edits as many times as you like.

Launch your kids' book

After you approve the final design, we’ll publish and launch your book on Amazon Prime. You can print on demand, place bulk orders, or send copies to prospects from your Amazon seller account.

Here's what you get when you work with Dinosaur House.

Ghost Writing

We write everything for you within using your own story and exerience.


Don't worry about illustrations. At Dinosaur House, we do it all for you.

Webpage Template

Promoting your book online? We help you design a web page that attracts people.

Lead Magnet Creation

Growing your business? Dinosaur house helps you make coloring Ebooks to grow your newsletter.

Full Copyright

No part ownership. You have complete ownership to everything dinosaur house makes for you

Strategy Sessions

We help you strategize how to use your books to attract your ideal clients.

We help you get your book in front of the right audience.

Now that your book is ready what do you do? That’s a question a lot of new book authors ask. We help you create a plan that gets your book in front of your ideal audience. Ready to be the author of your own kids book?

Hey, I'm Timmy Bauer, founder of Dinosaur House

My dream is to make books that connect parents with their kids over stuff that goes beyond childhood.

When I was 17 I wrote a book to connect with my 4 year old brother Tristan called Billy the Dragon. I’ve been a kids book author ever since.

While the kid’s book author career was taking off, I used to be a Disney actor, and I owe most
of the success of that to the fact that I look like a little baby man.

I think everybody with influence should write a kids book.

I live in Orlando, right next to Cinderella’s castle. No joke. You could probably hit it with a rock. You shouldn’t, because that’s vandalism, but you probably could.

What our clients say about us

James Carbary - Sweetfish Media

“I felt deeply cared for throughout the entire process. You’d have to be borderline crazy to create a kids book without Dinosaur House. I can’t recommend them enough!”

James Carbary, Author of “I want to have a podcast when i grow up.”

The process was really smooth. I had a vague idea of what I wanted but Timmy asked questions that brought the story out and I ended up with a story I absolutely love.

Dan Sanchez, Author of “I want to be a marketer when I grow Up.”

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Nurse Blake, Author of “I want to be a nurse when I grow up.”

Some of our books

I want to have a podcast when I grow up

James Carbary


“This book is such a FUN read! Empowers kids to put themselves out there and CREATE.”

I want to be a marketer when I grow Up

Dan Sanchez


“Dan makes the core concepts of marketing so simple my toddler finally understands what daddy does”

I crashed a Backwardsville

Eric Dunavant


“Really fun children’s book! Entertaining while still teaching Kingdom principles. I love reading it to my granddaughters!!”

What if I Owned The Train Company

Beckham Grothe


“Your kids will be entertained while reading, and learn about what it’s like to own a business and …”

Good Bug, Bad Bug



“Your kids would love this one.”

Ollie, The Orange

Scott Homan


“It’s a fantastic read for kids and even adults.”

What Are Core Values

Darius Mirshahzadeh


“Mirshahzadeh has taken a thought-provoking, impressive deep dive into this vital topic. Well done!”

The Poisonous Woods

Timmy Bauer


“Great book. My kids love it! My 9 years old reads it to my 5 years old and they laugh a lot!”

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