About Me

Hey There. I’m Awodeji Adedotun.

Born and raised in Nigeria, I’m a 22 years old entrepreneur.

I started developing websites in 2015 when I made my first website for a friend who launched a new startup and was hooked on that journey ever since.

Web design has opened a lot of doors for me and it’s a joy that I get to do what I do and help people the way I do.

I’m a final year student of Computer Science. But I don’t particularly enjoy the classroom. I prefer real-world experience.

This is why once I get my business running and the pandemic ends, I’ll be traveling the world starting in Asia.

I also write an interview show on substack called “Inside The Brain” where I interview entrepreneurs and creators on what drives them and their thought processes.

Want to connect with me? The best place to do this is on LinkedIn. I am active there every day.

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